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Health Care Litigation

Health care law is a multi-faceted practice area. Claims range from Medicare, Medicaid, antitrust violations, false or deceptive practices, off-label sales practices, plaintiff malpractice cases (misdiagnosis, surgical procedure missteps, etc.), and alleged violations of the False Claims Act, the Anti-Kickback Statute, and Stark Law. 


Griffin Humphries attorney Jim Griffin has represented health care providers facing actions by federal and state agencies. The stakes in these cases can be high and even career ending. Our lawyers have also represented doctors and hospitals in disputes over staff privileges or credentialing. We have experience dealing with medical, nursing, pharmacy, and other professional licensing issues before the South Carolina Labor Licensing and Regulation Board.


Some areas of particular focus include:


  • Anti-Kickback Statute

  • False Claim Act

  • Licensing and credentialing issues

  • Malpractice claims

  • Regulatory enforcement actions

  • Stark Law

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