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Legal Malpractice Claims

Many attorneys will not sue other lawyers, but Griffin Humphries attorneys will. Attorneys in South Carolina are required to render services with the degree of skill, care, knowledge, and judgment usually possessed and exercised by members of the profession. Legal malpractice claims arise when a lawyer fails to meet the standard of care and causes damages to a client.


The most common legal malpractice complaints include the following:


  • Conflict-of-interest situations where the lawyer fails to put the client’s interest first.

  • Failure to know and apply the law. 

  • Missing the statute of limitations by miscalculating the deadline or failing to meet it.

  • Other mishandling of a case, transaction, or estate – failure to calendar, missed deadlines, procrastination.

  • Neglecting to inform the client or get the informed consent of the client to a course of action, transactional terms, or aspects of an estate plan.


If you believe that a lawyer has mishandled your claim, transaction, or inheritance, contact us for a free and confidential evaluation. 

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