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Why Choose Griffin Humphries?

About The Firm

Griffin Humphries is a partnership of two experienced litigation attorneys with a common philosophy and goal. We are passionate about what we do and as litigators, we don’t shy away from the courtroom.  


Jim Griffin is an accomplished trial lawyer with more than 30 years of experience representing clients in civil and criminal courts at the federal and state level. He has been the lead trial counsel in a number of cases featured in national and state news publications, magazines and television programs. Jim has also obtained multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements for clients in civil cases. Click here to learn more about Jim.


Badge Humphries is a trial lawyer who represents individuals and institutional investors in securities fraud and shareholder litigation, plaintiffs in products liability and other personal injury cases, and parties engaged in business disputes. He is licensed to practice law in South Carolina, Georgia, and Kentucky. Click here to learn more about Badge.

With significant trial experience, we work each case with one goal in mind. The best outcome for the client. Learn more about how we handle cases here.

Fee Arrangements

We are invested in delivering the best outcome and we understand the economics. 


How do you decide who to hire to represent you in a case that will have economic impact to you and your business?


Results matter but so does cost. We approach each case with this in mind. Everyone has heard the saying “work smarter, not harder.” Well, we do both.


Our clients can be sophisticated business owners or private individuals, both share an interest in containing costs and creating alternative fee structures that move away from the straight billable hour.


We work for results. With an alternative fee, you can share in the benefits of our approach. Whether your case calls for a contingent fee, a fixed fee, or a hybrid fee, alternative billing arrangements provide you with the stability, flexibility, and upside to suit your case’s needs.


  • Contingent fees are a common approach that ensures your lawyer has skin in the game.  In sharing in the risk and potential reward, a contingent fee rewards lawyers for efficiently solving a client’s problems. And that’s just what we like to do, partner with our clients to solve their problems.  


  • Fixed fees are increasing in popularity with corporate clients. Fixed fee pricing moves away from the unpredictability of traditional hourly billing and provides built in budgets and accountability. In this fee arrangement, we work with a client to assess the case and create a fee that works for the client and works for us. Truly a win-win proposition.


  • Hybrid fees are a combination of a fixed or hourly rate that is reduced from normal billing rates but also includes a smaller than normal contingent component to reward the firm if desired results are achieved. Because each case is different, the flexibility of the hybrid fee model works well to keep the interests of the client and the lawyer aligned while meeting the needs of the case.

Our approach to each case is unique and structure the alternative fee to the particular case’s merits and risks.

How We Handle Cases

Our approach to working a case dovetails with our creative approach to creating a fee arrangement that works for the client and the firm. We are in it to win it but that doesn’t mean we take a scorched earth approach. As experienced litigators we do what needs to be done. We use our analytical skills and knowledge of your business and the case to find the facts, develop a case, work towards a settlement if possible, and take it to trial if needed.  Excessive working of a case is not in the interest of our clients.

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