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With significant trial experience, we work each case with one goal in mind. The best outcome for the client.

What We Do

Our Services


The attorneys at Griffin Humphries have extensive experience representing entities and individuals in business disputes...

Legal Malpractice Claims

Many attorneys will not sue other lawyers, but Griffin Humphries attorneys will. Attorneys in South Carolina are required...

Estate Litigation

The attorneys at Griffin Humphries have experience handling estate litigation matters and can help you resolve issues...

Health Care Litigation

Health care law is a multi-faceted practice area. Claims range from Medicare, Medicaid, antitrust violations, false or deceptive practices...

Federal Criminal Defense (White Collar)

Partner Jim Griffin is a former federal prosecutor with experience representing persons accused of violating...

Administrative Licensing

Griffin Humphries represents healthcare and other licensed professionals facing administrative sanctions and license revocation..


Arbitration is not an area of practice but a means for resolving a dispute. Many attorneys shy away from cases requiring arbitration. We do not...

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